Friday, February 12, 2010

Funny Story!

Ok you want to hear a funny story, well who doesn't. So yesterday I went to a friends house to let them borrow some movies, and little terror Aiden wanted to come with me. So me being the idiot that I am did not put him in his car seat. Instead I just buckled him in a regular seat belt. By the way my friend is just down the street. Any who, when we got there I left him in the car, knowing that I would be right back. Left the keys in the ignition, with the car off of course. Wouldn't want him to drive away. Me thinking that he would not get out of his seat belt went and took the movies to my friend, came back within like 2 minutes . He was out of his seat belt sitting in the driver seat with all of the doors locked.

So he was just sitting there with a big grin on his face listening and playing with the radio. As I call his name he looks up at me and laughs, I tried not to laugh but couldnt help it. So I tell him to unlock the door, did he listen.... no instead he stands on the seat and licks my window that I just cleaned.. Nice huh! So as im doing this my lovely friends are looking out the window probably laughing at me (who wouldn't). So finally Aiden gets in the backseat and cracks the window just enough for me to get my arm in and roll the window the rest of the way down. But could not unlock the door, because it has child proof locks on it. And as I was getting ready to get my big butt through the window my friend finally comes out and asks if I need some help. So there little boy climbed through the window and rescued me from having to embarass myself anymore.

So needless to say I will always put him in his carseat when he goes with me again!

Sleep Time!

Ok so last night I decided that I was going to try and put Addison, who is 4 months in her own room to sleep. Me thinking that maybe she would finally sleep through the night. But did that happen.......of course not why would changing room change anything.

If anything it was a bigger pain in the butt for me, because instead of just leaning my arm over her bassinet to feed her. I had to walk to the other room and do it. So I wonder if it worth it, I can't really tell if I slept any better or not. Who know we are trying it again tonight, lets hope for a better night.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh brother

This is him in time out
Ok so as I was writing my last post like a half hour ago, my wonderful 2yr old Aiden was upstairs by himself (big mistake) being quiet. So I go up and can't find him, finally I hear some noise in the laundry room. So I open the door and what had the little turd done, He dumped out the laundry detergent on the floor.

Sometimes I think, what was I thinking when I had all these kids? And then I look at there cute little faces when I am yelling at them and they just smile. I wouldnt trade them for anything and I am extremly gratefull that I have 5 healthy kids.

First Timer....

Ok I am new to this, so this should be fun...not. I have always wanted to write but I havent cause I don't have anything special to write about I think. But I need to start writing a journal or something so I figure, heck I will just blog. So after I am done with this I get to go change 2 stinky diapers, clean doritos off the couch my 2yr old just dumped on there, get him dressed, feed the baby, and now clean up yogurt off the floor he just dropped.

So as you can see my day consists of clean up poop and food. This is the life...